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We all know that nowadays the development of technology goes to the speed of sound and us in we are constantly trying to be so up to date as possible.

That´s why we have decided not only to update our site to a new programming language but also to make it more open to all of you Puerto Rico/Gran Canaria lovers.

So this is the point where we are now !!. presents you a new and easy way to participate on our contents via smartphone through our App called PR2N8 App.

PR2N8 App is a totally free smartphone App available for most of iOS running devices such as Iphones, Ipods and Ipads and also for most of Android devices.

So please visit your App Store if you are using an Apple product or visit Google Play if you are using an Android phone, and simply type Puerto Rico Gran Canaria and you will see all of the sudden how PR2N8 app will appear on the screen.

Just download it (as it´s totally free) and then install the app on your smartphone. 

Once downloaded it you will be welcome on the first screen where if you are a registered visitor of you simply enter the right datas on the first two empty fields and press entry to log in.

If you are not an existing registered user of then, press the not registered button and type your desired username on the first field, then write your password on the second field and then enter your e-mail on the third field, once the three fields are completed please press create account and finally press entry.

Once all the previous steps are completed you will head a new screen where you click on the icon "picture" to tell the telephone to use the camera to take a picture. Please bear in mind that only landscaped pictures all allowed, portrait pictures will not be accepted.

Next step is to take the picture itself and press use, I think you´re already quite experienced on that issue.

Once the picture is taking the app will process the picture and will ask you to confirm the picture pressing "love it" or make a new one by pressing "new one".

As we are sure you are very proud of your picture you already press "love it" and then a new screen opens up asking you to enter a commentary (please be creative) and in which gallery you would like to drop the picture.

Once the picture is sent the last screen will show up and will confirm you that the picture has been succesfully sent, and will ask you what would you like to do next if to take another picture or on the contrary you will like to close the app.

All photos taking with the app pass a content filter before being published. So once you would like to see the pictures taking by yourself and everyone please visit on this site on the home page the very last gallery called "PR2N8 app Photos". Then you will se clasified pictures sent by all of us.

Maybe you have been in your favourite Bar, Restaurant, Hotel or Excursion and you will like to support them.

Or you have spend a lovely day at the Beach and you decide to take a great picture to send it to us, or even you´re back home and you would like to show how things are going into your homeland. For these porpouses we have created the General Gallery.

Please do not hesitate to send us the best shots of your holidays and share your best moments of your holidays with all of us. If you have a trouble using PR2N8 app please contact us on

Your commentaries are very welcome, please proceed.

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