Tequila Boom Bar

Tequila Boom Bar
Drinks & Cocktails available Billiard Wlan Hotspot available
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Commercial, R&B, Reggaeton, Old Skooll, Hip Hop
Mo-Sun : 19.00 -04.00
27° 47' 29.4432" N, 15° 42' 29.4264" W

Tequila Boom Bar is one of the latest Bar to hit Puerto Rico Nightlife.

An amazing place where to enjoy a great refreshing cocktail while sitting on the terrace enjoying the great atmosphere and smoking some Sisha.

Great tunes played by Dj 2Pac featuring on the weekends by Spanish Dj Josua (LPA) with the hottest Reggaeton.

Great staff, great service, great atmosphere ... worth a visit !.

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Tequila Boom Bar
Tequila Boom Bar
Tequila Boom Bar